Hypontech Enhances Solar System Safety: Addressing Arc Faults with AFCI Technology

Published on : 2024-01-22

Solar energy has emerged as a clean, sustainable, and rapidly growing source of power across the globe. As more homeowners and businesses embrace solar systems to harness the sun's energy, it is crucial to address potential safety concerns associated with these installations. One such concern is the occurrence of arc faults within solar systems.

What is the Arc Fault?

An arc fault in a solar system refers to an unintended electrical discharge or arc that occurs between two conductive surfaces. It can be caused by damaged or deteriorated wiring, loose connections, or other electrical faults. Arc faults pose a significant fire hazard as they can generate high temperatures and ignite nearby flammable materials.


There are several types of arc faults that can occur in a PV system, including series arc faults, parallel arc faults, ground arc faults, and arcing due to environmental factors or equipment failure.

What is the AFCI?

To deal with arc faults in solar systems, the use of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) technology is highly recommended.


The AFCI technology integrated into a solar inverter can continuously monitor the electrical current flowing through the solar system, including the solar panels, wiring, and other components. The AFCI analyzes the waveform and looks for any irregularities or patterns indicative of an arc fault.


When an arc fault is detected, the AFCI acts quickly to interrupt the circuit or take appropriate action to mitigate the risk. This can involve cutting off the power supply to the affected circuit, isolating the fault, or triggering an alarm to alert the system owner or maintenance personnel.

Enhancing Safety with AFCI-Enabled HPT Pro Inverters by Hypontech

HPT PRO 2.jpg

AFCI requirements for solar systems may vary depending on regional regulations and standards. Some countries or jurisdictions might mandate the use of AFCI technology in solar installations to ensure system safety and compliance.


Hypontech launched a new inverter—HPT Pro this month, which equipped with the cutting-edge AFCI technology, to provide an advanced level of safety for solar systems. This advanced technology provides an unparalleled level of safety for solar systems, ensuring efficient fault detection and protecting vital system components.

  • Efficient Fault Detection: AFCI technology in HPT Pro accurately detects arc faults, taking prompt measures to prevent fires.

  • Protection of System Components: Arc faults can cause damage to the inverter, solar panels, wiring, and other components, leading to reduced performance or even system failure. By promptly detecting and addressing arc faults, AFCI technology helps minimize the risk of component damage, ensuring the system operates reliably.


In conclusion, the integration of AFCI technology in the solar system, as exemplified by our newly launched HPT Pro, marks a significant step towards ensuring enhanced safety and reliability.


Hypontech is committed to developing a wider range of product series, equipped with AFCI functionality, to cater to the unique needs of each and every customer. Our goal is to provide comprehensive residential and commercial solutions that not only harness the power of solar energy but also prioritize the safety of the users and the protection of their investments.

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