Infineon joins hands with Hypontech to lead the future of distributed energy through innovation

Published on : 2024-05-31

Recently, Infineon Technologies AG, a leader in power systems and IoT, announced that Hypontech, a leader in distributed PV inverters and smart energy management solutions, will utilize Infineon's power semiconductor devices and EiceDRIVER™ gate drivers in the full range of products. Infineon will provide the 1200 V TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7 series, the industry-leading 1200V CoolSiC™ MOSFET power device, and the accompanying EiceDRIVER isolated gate driver for Hypontech's recently released new-generation HPT Pro 3~15kW 3-phase grid-connected inverter series, helping Hypontech to continue its leadership in the field of distributed energy and jointly exploring the new frontiers of green energy applications.


As the leader in the field of power semiconductors, Infineon continues to bring high-performance and high-reliability products to the market through technological innovation. Its 1200V CoolSiC MOSFET utilize an advanced trench gate semiconductor process, which not only improves the reliability of the gate oxide layer, but also achieves industry-leading performance levels in power density and conversion efficiency. This means that it delivers more energy for the same size, providing stronger power support for all types of applications.


Thanks to the superior performance of Infineon's 1200V CoolSiC™ MOSFETs and TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7 series of power semiconductor devices, Hypontech's new-generation HPT Pro 3~15kW 3-phase grid-connected inverter series upgrades the maximum power from 12kW to 15kW while continuing to maintain high product reliability. Also, it has been significantly optimized in terms of size and weight, with an 11% reduction in size and a 15% reduction in weight, greatly increasing the power density of the product. At the same time, Infineon power devices' excellent high-efficiency energy conversion and low-loss characteristics provide a strong guarantee for the efficient operation of inverters, which not only boosts HPT Pro's maximum conversion efficiency to 98.6%, reaching the industry's top level, but also realizes higher power capacity and greater PV current handling capability in a smaller size, better meeting the market's urgent demand for high power density inverters.

HPT 3-15K PRO.png

Hypontech's new-generation HPT Pro 3~15kW 3-phase grid-connected inverter series


Mr. Yu Daihui, Senior Vice President of Infineon Technologies and Head of Industrial & Infrastructure in Greater China, said, " The cooperation with Hypontech is an effective combination of application technology and product innovation. Through this cooperation with such an excellent partner, Infineon can better understand market needs, transform innovative technologies into practical applications, and provide customers with more complete solutions."


Hypontech CEO Zhou Huijie and CTO Liao Xiaojun said, "Infineon is a leader in the field of power semiconductors and has been a trusted and respected partner of Hypontech for a long time. By combining Infineon's advanced product solutions and technical strength, as well as industry’s leading power semiconductor devices, our products are fully guaranteed in terms of performance, efficiency and reliability, and our technical imagination is fully unleashed, leading us to the forefront of application technology. This excellent collaboration not only drives our technological innovation, but also provides superior solutions for our customers. We look forward to working with Infineon in the future to continue exploring new opportunities on the path of clean energy technology innovation. "



About Hypontech

Hypontech is a fast-growing, technologically innovative company specializing in the application of distributed PV-ES inverter products as well as smart energy management solutions. In the five years since its establishment, the company has accomplished full coverage of products and solutions in the four fields of residential, industrial, and commercial grid connection, energy storage, micro-inverters, and smart energy management systems, as well as new developments in the two fields of energy storage batteries and smart microgrids integrating diesel, PV, energy storage and charging. Adhering to the product concept of "quality at the core, less is more", Hypontech adopts the world's leading electronic component brands, insists on technological innovation as the driving force, and provides customers worldwide with high-quality, efficient, and comprehensive energy solutions.