New Solar Balcony Photovoltaic Policies Set to Empower Clean Energy Access in 2024

Published on : 2023-12-15

In response to the challenges faced by residents in apartments, urban environments, small business and industrial property owners, where space limitations hinder the practical implementation of solar power, balcony PV systems have emerged as an innovative solution, offering a breakthrough for these scenarios.


In order to enable more residents to enjoy the benefits of PV power generation, the German government has made some adjustments to the policies related to balcony PV systems, which will soon come into effect in 2024.


Now, let’s explore how Germany’s new balcony photovoltaic policy works:


  • Operating up to 800 watts: Starting from 2024, owners of balcony solar power systems are allowed to feed up to 800 watts into the power grid. This represents an increase from the previous limit of 600 watts at the end of 2023.

  • Simplified registration: Previously, balcony solar power systems had to be registered in the market master data register and reported to the grid operator. However, starting from 2024, the latter requirement will be eliminated to make the connection of mini PV systems as simple as possible.

  • Temporary permission for reverse-running meters: Currently, it is not allowed to connect a balcony solar power system if a bidirectional meter has not been installed. However, from 2024, it should be possible to temporarily connect plug-in solar systems with reverse-running meters until a new meter is installed.

  • Permission for Schuko plugs: Although not explicitly prohibited before, the use of Schuko plugs to connect balcony solar power systems will be expressly permitted from 2024.

  • Plug-in solar devices as privileged measures: Balcony PV systems are expected to be included in the catalog of privileged measures in the future. This inclusion grants tenants the right to operate a solar power plant, further encouraging the adoption of balcony solar systems.


Embracing the advantages of balcony solar system


Unlike traditional solar panel setups with their labyrinthine wiring paths, these systems are a breeze to install.


Imagine a plug-in solar system – that's the magic of a balcony solar system. A direct connection to your home circuit is just a plug away. No more expensive professional assessments or elaborate designs are needed. With a balcony solar system, generating electricity becomes as easy as plugging in an appliance.


Flexibility takes center stage too. The balcony solar system is simple to assemble and transport when you relocate, eliminating the need for costly new panels at every address change.


Unlike traditional rooftop or ground-mounted systems, balcony solar panels don't require operator registration, and the upper limit standard will be 800W from 2024. The balcony solar systems are leading the way!



Hypontech HMS 600-800W microinverters for Optimal Solar Solutions


The new balcony PV policy which increasing the power capacity from 600W to 800W opens up new possibilities for residential solar installations. This adjustment matches perfectly with HMS 600-800W microinverter of Hypontech.


The HMS 600-800W microinverter converts direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) that can be used to run various household appliances. With an easy plug-and-play installation process, it is a wise choice for homeowners looking to embrace clean energy of compact solar setup.


  • Versatile Applications: The HMS 600-800W finds utility in various scenarios, including industrial and commercial rooftops, as well as residential projects like home rooftops and carports. For small-scale solar systems like balcony installations, microinverters offer a seamless installation experience and a cost advantage over conventional string inverters.

  • Compliance and Simplicity: The HMS 600-800W adhere to regulations and significantly simplify the process of setting up your balcony solar system. The HMS 600-800W models boast power outputs of 600 W and 800 W, respectively, efficiently accommodating PV modules with capacities of up to 550 W.

  • Optimal Power Generation: With a maximum input current of 15A, HMS series perfectly match high-power and bifacial solar modules, ensuring optimal power generation efficiency. Equipped with two input channels, The HMS 600-800W can connect up to two panels, featuring independent monitoring of each panel to ensure maximum power production.

  • Enhanced Performance: Boasting a low startup voltage of 16V, the system maximizes utilization of weak light conditions, enabling power generation even during cloudy and rainy weather. Remarkably, the system remains operational at full load even in high-temperature environments of up to 60°C.

    *: Resilient to temperature variations: (60°C for HMS-600W, 50°C for HMS-800W).


Step towards a greener and more sustainable future with Hypontech


Transform your urban living space into a balcony solar system with this cutting-edge solution. Say goodbye to limited rooftop space concerns—now you can generate clean electricity and reduce your carbon footprint without compromising style.


Hypontech strives to provide you with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective microinverters that seamlessly integrate with your balcony solar system.