Hypontech Launches HPT Pro for Residential and Commercial PV: Enhancing Solar Power Solutions

Published on : 2024-01-24

The escalating demand for clean and renewable energy solutions has firmly established solar power as a leading choice for both residential and commercial applications. Recognizing the crucial need for reliable and efficient solar inverters, Hypontech launches the latest innovation product - the HPT Pro 3-15kW.

Experience a Safer, More Reliable, and Higher-Performing Solar System with HPT Pro

The HPT Pro 3-15kW stands as an advanced upgrade to our highly acclaimed HPT inverter, incorporating a range of additional features and enhanced parameters designed to elevate your solar system's performance. 

 HPT PRO 3.jpg

Higher Yields

  • Maximum 16A PV Input Current: The HPT Pro 3-15kW boasts the capability to handle a maximum PV input current of 16A, ensuring efficient power conversion and utilization from various solar panels.

  • 150% Oversizing and 110% Overloading Capacity: With an impressive 150% DC input oversizing capacity and a 110% AC output overloading capacity, the HPT Pro 3-15kW offers enhanced power input and output capabilities, adapting seamlessly to varying energy demands.

  • Peak Efficiency of up to 98.5%: Efficiency is paramount in solar energy conversion, and the HPT Pro 3-15kW excels with an impressive peak efficiency of up to 98.5%, minimizing energy loss during the conversion process.

  • Lower Start-up Voltage of 180V: The HPT Pro 3-15kW sets itself apart with a lower start-up voltage requirement of 180V, ensuring seamless power conversion even in low-voltage conditions, guaranteeing continuous operation and power generation.

A Safer and Easier System

  • Integrated AFCI Protection: The HPT Pro 3-15kW incorporates AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) functionality, detecting and interrupting arc faults to reduce the risk of fire and electrical hazards. This ensures a safer and more secure environment for your solar system. 

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Smarter Monitoring and Control

  • 24-hour Monitoring: Benefit from the HPT Pro's 24-hour monitoring capabilities, allowing users to remotely monitor and control the system's performance at any time through Hypon Cloud.

"This new series HPT Pro 3-15kW inverter is a model that highly meets market demand, covering household and small-scale commercial and industrial use," said John Zhang, Deputy General Manager of Sales at Hypontech. The HPT Pro 3-15kW is thoughtfully engineered to empower households and businesses to optimize their PV investment and embrace the advantages of generating sustainable, eco-friendly power from the sun.

Elevate your solar system to new heights with the HPT Pro 3-15kW. With its enhanced safety, reliable performance, intelligent monitoring, and ease of installation, the HPT Pro 3-15kW provides a seamless and efficient solar energy solution.

Join Forces with Hypontech to Energize the Future.

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