Hypontech's Energy Storage Solution Shines in HTW Berlin’s Inspection 2024

Published on : 2024-02-01

Exciting news! Hypontech energy storage solutions has received an excellent ranking for the first time in the annual Energy Storage Inspection by the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW). As a leading innovator in renewable energy storage solutions, our energy storage system, consisting of the cutting-edge Hypontech HHT-12000 hybrid inverter and HBP-H15 battery, has achieved an exceptional System Performance Index (SPI) of 94.4%.


HTW Berlin's Energy Storage Inspection is widely recognized as a comprehensive comparison of residential energy storage systems within the industry, and it is highly regarded and considered to have substantial value. It provides an independent and objective assessment of energy storage technologies, helping industry professionals, researchers, and policymakers make informed decisions. This year, our energy storage system competed against 20 other systems from 14 manufacturers and was evaluated using the SPI.


“The System Performance Index (SPI) is an economic indicator that quantifies how much electricity costs can be reduced in comparison to an ideal energy storage system.” said the HTW Senior Researcher. Hypontech energy storage system emerged as a frontrunner in various efficiency tests, positioning itself in the top tier. This includes nominal discharge power, usable battery capacity, average AC battery discharging pathway efficiency, PV feed-in efficiency, and PV-battery charging efficiency. Our system offers higher cost savings compared to less efficient counterparts, providing valuable insights for installers and end-customers in choosing a suitable energy storage system.



The testing of our energy storage system was carried out independently by TÜV SÜD, the world's leading third-party testing organization. They meticulously evaluated our solution and it demonstrated remarkable efficiency in the reference case. This achievement showcases our commitment to providing high-performance, reliable, and sustainable energy storage solutions for our clients.


Revolutionizing Energy Storage Solutions for Every Application with Hypontech


At Hypontech, we are dedicated to offering a versatile range of energy storage products, including hybrid inverters, batteries, and EV chargers, designed for various applications. Our solutions are tailored to different scenarios: in high-cost electricity regions, our solutions maximize self-generation to reduce costs. We also ensure uninterrupted power through backup mode during outages. For areas with underdeveloped grids, we offer off-grid power to support stable renewable generation. With our self-developed monitoring platform—Hypon.Cloud, we embrace digitization and advanced technologies, enabling intelligent power management and putting energy control at users' fingertips.


Looking ahead, Hypontech will continue to strive towards shaping the future of energy by providing cutting-edge technologies and energy storage solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world. With our unwavering dedication and passion, we aim to elevate the energy landscape and pave the way for a brighter and greener future.


Energizing the future, we are HYPONTECH.

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