Harnessing Solar Energy with Hypontech's HPT 60-80kW:A Revolutionary Inverter for C&I PV Systems

Published on : 2024-03-22

In response to the increasing trend of small to medium-sized distributed projects in the industrial and commercial sectors, as well as the widespread utilization of high-power components like the 182 and 210 models, the demand for inverters compatible with these high-power components has become paramount. This has also led to the inevitable trend of incorporating large components into commercial models. Recognizing this need, Hypontech is proud to unveil the HPT 60-80kW three-phase on grid inverter.


With a host of advanced features and state-of-the-art technology, the HPT 60-80kW offers exceptional performance, safety, and reliability, making it a game-changer in the solar energy market.


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Optimized Performance for Maximum Yields


  • Up to 6 MPPTS with Max. efficiency 98.7%

This feature allows for optimal energy harvesting from solar panels, ensureing that you get the most out of your solar energy system.


  • Compatible with Bifacial PV Module

The HPT 60-80kW is compatible with bifacial PV modules, which capture sunlight from both sides, resulting in increased energy output.


  • 150% PV Oversizing and AC 110% Overloading

The 150% PV oversizing can add more solar panels to the PV system, increasing its capacity and potential energy output. The AC 110% overloading feature can push the PV system to its limits, optimizing performance and output. Even during peak demand periods, the system can handle the increased load, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.


  • 180V Low Start up Voltage and 150-950V Wide MPPT Range

The wide MPPT range of 150V to 950V allows the HPT 60-80kW to adapt to various PV module voltage outputs, ensuring peak efficiency regardless of module specifications. Additionally, the low startup voltage of 180V enables power generation even in low-light conditions.


  • Up to 2*16A Current Input for Each MPPT Tracker

Each MPPT tracker of the HPT 60-80kW can handle up to 2*16A current input, allowing for a versatile system design, accommodating multiple strings of PV modules and optimizing space utilization.


Focused on Unparalleled Safety and Reliability


  • Type II SPD for Both DC and AC

This feature provides robust protection against voltage surges and transient overvoltages, safeguarding the inverter and other connected equipment from damage caused by power fluctuations.


  • Optional AFCI Function

The HPT 60-80kW offers an optional Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) function, enhancing safety by detecting and mitigating arc faults, minimizing the risk of fire hazards.


  • Protection Degree of IP66

With a protection degree of IP66, the HPT 60-80kW is highly resistant to dust and water ingress, ensuring reliable operation even in challenging environmental conditions.


  • Compliant with UL Safety and Variety of Grid Codes

The HPT 60-80kW complies with UL safety standards and various grid codes, undergoing rigorous testing and certification, making it suitable for various grid connection requirements and regulations.


Smart Energy Management for Solar System


  • Zero Power Export Control with Anti-Reverse Protection


The HPT 60-80K inverter features zero power export control and anti-reverse protection, effectively safeguarding the inverter and ensuring that the electricity generated by the solar panels does not flow back into the grid, thereby preventing grid instability and potential damage to the inverter and other connected devices.


By combining Hypontech’s energy management system, HiManager, you can monitor and analyze data in real-time, optimize energy usage, and achieve higher energy efficiency.


  • MLPE Monitoring via Hypon.Cloud

To ensure a seamless and hassle-free user experience, the HPT 60-80kW offers smart operation and maintenance (O&M) features. The inverters can be easily monitored via the Hypon. Cloud, providing real-time data on system performance, allowing for proactive maintenance and swift troubleshooting, minimizing downtime and maximizing energy generation.


  • 24h Online Monitoring

The HPT 60-80kW supports AC-side power supply, enabling uninterrupted 24-hour monitoring of the power station and supporting nighttime maintenance work to reduce the loss of electricity generation caused by daytime maintenance.


  • Flexible Communication with WIFI/4G/LAN

This flexibility of HPT 60-80kW ensures that you can easily access and manage your system from anywhere, using your preferred communication method.


Drive Innovation and Success in the Commercial and Industrial Sectors with HPT 60-80kW


The HPT 60-80kW series inverters from Hypontech represent a significant advancement in three-phase on-grid inverters for commercial and industrial solar PV systems. Whether it is for large commercial buildings, industrial factories, or tourist places, our inverter provides reliable power supply and helps reduce energy costs, achieving sustainable development.


Hypontech's commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology is evident in the HPT series, making it a top choice for businesses seeking to harness the benefits of solar power for their operations.


About Hypontech


Hypontech is a leading technical innovation company, specializing in distributed PV inverters and smart energy management solutions. As a comprehensive solution provider, we are committed to the R&D concept of 'quality in our DNA,' continuously breaking through industry technical barriers and securing over 100 patents and copyrights.


Our diverse product portfolio ranges from 600W to 80kW, certified through rigorous testing by entities like TÜV, ensuring comprehensive coverage in residential and commercial grid inverters, energy storage systems, microinverters, and smart energy management solutions. With a global presence spanning over 70 countries across all continents, we have been consistently honored as the 'EUPD TOP BRAND INVERTER' for three consecutive years.


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