Hypontech 2024 Persistent Pursuit of Overseas Market Expansion

Published on : 2024-05-10

Hypontech’s unwavering commitment to tapping into international markets has been a driving force behind its continuous efforts for 2024. This dedication has led the company to participate in various prominent exhibitions worldwide, showcasing its innovative inverters, energy management solutions and forging valuable connections in the global arena.


Global Exhibitions and Roadshows


Demonstrating its dedication to global expansion and market outreach, Hypontech has actively engaged in a series of prominent exhibitions across key markets:



  • OPEN ENERGIES---France

  • GENERE---Spain

  • SUCE---China


  • SOLAR SOLUTION---Netherland


From the SOLAR ENERGY EXPO in Poland to the SOLAR SOLUTION in the Netherlands, Hypontech has spared no effort in presenting the high-quality inverters and smart energy management solutions to a diverse audience of industry stakeholders. Each exhibition serves as a unique platform to connect with varied audiences and discern the distinct demands of different markets.

POLAND EXHIBITION.jpg                                         

Complementing its global exhibition strategy, Hypontech embarked on a series of roadshows in Poland and the UK, engaging directly with customers and stakeholders to understand our evolving needs and preferences. These roadshows served as a strategic avenue for fostering relationships, generating leads, and driving business growth in key markets.


 Roadshows in the UK



Roadshows in Poland


Flagship Products


During these exhibitions, Hypontech brought a range of inverters, including the Three Phase On Grid Inverter HPT 3-15K PRO and the Low-voltage Hybrid Inverter HES 3-6K, with a focus on quality, efficiency and reliability, garnered significant attention from attendees.

 HPT 3-15K PRO.png



  • Maximum 16A PV Input Current

  • 150% DC Input Oversizing and a 110% AC Output Overloading

  •  Peak Efficiency of up to 98.5%

  • Lower Start-up Voltage of 180V

  • Integrated AFCI Protection 

  • 24-hour Monitoring 


HES 3-6K


  • Maximum 16A PV Input Current

  • DC Ratio up to 2.0

  • Shadow Scan Algorithm

  • Compatible with 650+ PV Module

  • Supports both on-and off-grid operation

  •  Supports both lesd-acid and Lithum-ion Batteries

Through informative presentations and interactive demonstrations, Hypontech also showcased a range of solutions, including balcony micro-inverter solutions, residential energy storage solutions, and commercial anti-reverse flow solutions, to help users harness solar power more effectively.

Moving forward, Hypontech will launch its latest low-voltage energy storage solution and the smart energy digital system—PV Design. Stay tuned for more updates!


Pioneering Progress: Reflecting on a Dynamic Quarter


By leveraging its expertise and innovation, Hypontech aims to continue playing a pivotal role in shaping the global renewable energy landscape. With a focus on sustainability, reliability, and technological advancement, Hypontech is poised to drive positive change and create a brighter, greener future for tomorrow.


Energizing the future, we are Hypontech.